Tessell8 Limited

We give you back time and your sanity!

At Tessell8 we love our customers and care about how they spend their time. By building solutions that are unique to each and every client Tessell8 are able to streamline purchase routines and return precious resources by stripping out the soft costs. We don’t mind if you use the time to achieve more from your day or for some of our customers to grab a little ‘Onesie’ time – it’s all about work life balance.*

We provide reliable managed services for all manner of organisations which optimize delivery of their published products, promotional material, marketing and point of sale. It all sounds great and many other companies offer the same but we like to think we have a couple of important differences.
Tessell8 never promise anything we can’t deliver – honesty is the best policy and we want you to trust us. We believe passionately that this is a relationship and we need to understand your business as well as you do.

We will always be price competitive and in many case with clever buying we can make that budget stretch just that little bit further. What we can do for you is only limited by your imagination and we will develop with you and you requirements.

You may be surprised to know that it’s not all about the money. We want you to enjoy your working relationship with us. Tessell8 is always professional but we all know a bit of silliness keeps us all sane.
Ultimately we want to make your life easier. We don’t just “print stuff”, we bring it all together in a smooth, integrated and effective way. Be it product, programming or people:- we want you to benefit from our solutions while still having fun along the way.

Our technology allows everyone in your business to work collaboratively directly saving you time and endless headaches! Our solutions can manage the entire process, allowing your customers to order direct from us and even able to set budgets and spend limits. You just sit back, do nothing and get paid at the end of each month for a job well done. What’s not to like!

* The Tessell8 Onesie is a rare and beautiful beast to be enjoyed by staff and our most insane clients.
To qualify all you need to do is work with us and live life to the full – sensible is for the accountants ☺