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We might be starting a bit of a series on different perspectives here.....

Want a new approach?

A team that sees things slightly differently?

Who will often do stuff for the sheer fun value?

Have a chat with Tessell8....




"Really appreciate everything you guys have done on this project, it's been so nice to get a different perspective and the results are awesome!"

Looking for a team that see things from a different point of view?

Get in touch and see the difference.




Wasted time, wasted calls, wasted effort....

Do you get frustrated with poor service? So do we, it drives us all around the bend!

We pride ourselves on giving exceptional service. Regardless of the mess that lands on your desk, or the holes that you are put in.

Just so you can come away looking awesome!

If you'd like a fresh idea of what really good service means - get in touch!

RTN 2017

Congrats to the Tessell8/Stepping Stones Team: "Charlie's Angels" for completing Ride The Night last Saturday.

Doing our little bit towards the £1.25M raised over the weekend towards Women's Cancer charities.

Thanks to everyone who sponsored us this year!!!


Eds launch

If you're on the M25 north and that tummy is a rumblin' get on down to Ed's Diner at Welcome Break South Mimms & check out their fantastic new menu.

Their gluten free burger is awesome!! (finally a burger WITH a bun!).

While you are there check out the new window vinyls and posters.

From the creative and digital content through to the final menus, posters,
window vinyls, and in room collateral... all managed and provided by Tessell8.


cinema donuts

New in stores this month

The Cinema Donut Range!

A great example of just one of the services we offer.

From photoshoot to finished POP in about 48 hrs!

Tessell8...... professional food photography and POP that breaks the news....

....not the budget.


web stores

This last week we have seen some scary numbers flying around for web stores and integration.

If you are facing some spine shivering costs, discussing any of these acronyms, and want a fresh approach, talk to us.

Even if you don't end up using us, let us show you how simple things can be!


global april 2017

This week we shall be in Poland visiting our partners there, completing the final pieces for a show for a client in Singapore, scoping software upgrades for a client in the USA & finalising details for new content for a French client. We will be working on a new show concept for a client in Canada, discussing a new project for a client in the Middle East and getting the final items over to a franchisee in Kenya.....

Tessell8: Local service, global knowledge!



It was a great week for feedback last week, we just had to share this!

"You guys are great, I have been in this business for a long time, and not only can you guys do pretty much anything, not only can you do it at the last minute, but you are all really nice people.... I mean it, you guys are flipping' awesome!!"


Great feedback from a client today.....

"Perfect – despite all our undecidedness and the tight timeframe…!!

Thank you very, very much again. We would be lost without your flexibility ;-)"


csat 2017

Its been great to read through the survey responses that have started to come back in this week.

"The T8 team provides a phenomenal level of service and is responsive when our business most needs it. Thank you!"

It is always a really humbling experience, we are fortunate to be working with some great people and companies.

If you would like to find out why people say these things, get in touch!



charities 2017

A great evening with the Charities we supported last year.

Our chance to give something back where we were able of give the charities their share of the gift for last year.

Thanks for all our customers who helped us support these charities and change peoples lives locally and around the world!



Its always great to start the week with an email like this! :-



Dear Tessell8 team, Just wanted to thank you for your support with the project.

The final product was really looking great and the shipment arrived with perfect timing.

We are always working up to the last minute and it is really useful
to be able to count on your help even with short notice.

Thank you so much.


Want an easy life? Talk to Tessell8

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