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You need it when??

We love a challenge!

Around the last bank holiday weekend we were contacted by one of our existing customers who desperately needed new specialist cards and had been let down. Tessell8 proofed, produced and delivered in less than 2 working days at a fraction of the previous cost. Have a challenge? no one else can help?

Talk to the 8 team!




Parking is about to get a whole lot simpler in Manchester!

If you find yourself down there you can Pay By Phone for your parking and top up with ease!

While you are there you can appreciate the panels and stickers provided by Tessell8!


sticky sisters

Going to Thorpe Park any time soon?

Why not try some tasty chicken at Sticky Sisters with their massive range of sauces.

While you are there you can appreciate all the banners, menus, posters
and graphics designed and produced by Tessell8!



We are excited to announce that our partner in Kuwait has just come on line!

This is our second partner in the region, strengthening our ability to deliver quickly and cost effectively. If you need physical product in the Middle East and struggle with customs and delivery issues let Tessell8 produce and deliver direct!



It is with a considerable amount of sadness we post that Scooby-doo died peacefully yesterday afternoon.

So many of you knew ‘The Scoob’ who was, in many ways, one of the Tessell8 team.

He always saw things from a slightly different perspective, was completely mad, loyal and would do pretty much anything for food!

He will be greatly missed.....



Fantastic feedback from Dean Court (one of our chosen charities, last year).

Don't forget, you order, you vote, our profit... to change lives.



"Your donation has been used in part to cover much needed repairs and redecoration, which will go a long way to helping us run a building which reflects the brilliance of our community.

We are also planning to spend some of the money on training opportunities for our volunteers, so that we can keep our monthly Community Breakfast going, and support our weekly Community Coffee, amongst other things. Both of these ventures are valuable opportunities for members of the local community to come together and build friendships, and would not be able to continue without the support of well-trained volunteers. This donation helps to secure the future of these important community activities.

Your kindness has also been a huge morale boost for our Trustees and large volunteer team. It is really very motivating to know that our work was considered valuable enough to merit such a generous donation from you, and to have been selected by so many of your clients"



Sail on down to Welcome Break and try out the new Jumbo Sausage at Harry Ramsden
(the chips are also pretty good).

While you tuck in, you can appreciate the digital screens provided and managed seamlessly by Tessell8!


all over the place

Last week we were all over the place!

Talking to a UK client in Japan about some items for delivery there.
Working with a Canadian client, in Paris, on a project for delivery to Singapore.
Talking to a US client about UK postage costs and services.
Speaking to our partner in Singapore about this and a delivery to Jakarta.
Talking to another US client about preparing for the European Easter holiday
and production schedules with our partners across the region,
and finally working through samples from our Kuwait partner for a US client.

ahhhhh, another day in paradise !!



From the studio to the store, from content to class room, from over here to over there with a first class service that really is a fraction of the cost and a fraction of the time.

Spend more time doing this.....



How many times do you find that the partners, that were with you every second of the day, simply evaporate when you need to cut costs and scale back?

At Tessell8 we are with you through the great, and not so great times.

Long term commitment to your success, whatever the weather!



Great couple of days on a food photography shoot last week.

Would dearly love to show you the stills and movies, but you'll have to wait until later this year.

Watch out for some great new products coming soon!


YOU made this happen


A few days ago we had the immense privilege of visiting the Thames Valley Air Ambulance to hand over their chunk of our giving for last year, unbelievably, funding two operations.

YOU made this happen, if you placed work with us, took a risk, just placed one job or made us your integral partner, YOU made this happen.

On the next two operations, when that helicopter lands, the dust settles, and the crew run to whatever it is they find, YOU did it, YOU changed a persons life TODAY.

Thank you for giving us the immense privilege of being able to do this.



This is one of the best times of the year for us.

It is when our numbers are finally done. We get to have all the fun giving the donations to the charities we supported in the last financial year.

This picture shows just why we love it so much....

A little bit can go a veeeerrrrry long way!!!

Its the reason why 'giving' is right in the middle of our navigation bar.


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