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Long drive? Need a coffee?

Welcome Break have many welcoming Starbucks DRIVE THRU'S right across the country.

This week, in a national install programme, in just four days, we will be putting up a few signs just so you know where they are!

Today at a rather rainy Corley Services on the M6!

Where will we be tomorrow???........undefined

oxford heart centre

Our third charity for last year was local to us; The Oxford Heart Centre. The team
here do amazing work with critically ill patients.

It was an immense privilege to be able to support them, thanks to you, lives will really
be changed:

"We are delighted Tessell8 have donated to the Oxford Heart Centre at the John Radcliffe,
which will make massive, lifesaving impact for our patients and our staff. The Heart Centre
is a regional centre of excellence, with a wide range of surgical and medical services
available. Their donation will help fund state of the art equipment, such as new pacing systems.

Many of our cardiac patients benefit from the use of a temporary external pacemaker,
which helps to regulate the rate (pace) of the heart. Pacing systems are used for patients
having heart surgery. During the operation electrical wires are attached from the heart to
outside the chest. After surgery these wires are attached to the pacing box and the patient's
heart rate (pace) can then be boosted or calmed whilst the patient is in recovery.

Historically the Heart Centre had a mixture of five different systems - which meant staff had to
be trained across all the varying equipment types. The cardiac team wanted to have higher spec
equipment that would be more responsive and, if required, could pace the heart faster. They also
felt it would be very beneficial to use only one unified system to ensure consistency and aid staff
training. After careful research, Oxford Hospitals Charity offered funding for 25 dual chamber
external pacemakers for use across Oxford Heart Centre.

Caroline White, Lead Nurse at the Cardiac and Thoracic Critical Care Unit, said: "We are absolutely
delighted with these new pacing boxes. They are very intuitive, so staff understand them almost
immediately, and we have greater confidence having only one unified system, so staff can practise
confidently and competently.

This new system offers advanced functionality - allowing settings to be changed quickly and safely,
to ensure the best course of action for heart patients. This can lead to improved treatment and
potentially a shorter stay in hospital, allowing patients to get home to their loved ones more quickly.
The new pacing system is also easy to understand and more user-friendly, which makes it much
more straightforward to teach to all clinical staff.

The Cardiac and Thoracic Critical Care Unit admits over 1,500 patients a year, and it is expected
that 70 percent of these critically ill patients will benefit from the advanced treatment options of
the new pacing system. In addition around 50 patients a year with profound slowing of the heart
rate - due either to medication complications or ageing of the heart's conduction system - will
benefit from the pacing box as temporary emergency support."




Doing enough already to have space to think about Brexit?

Tessell8 are already prepared so you don't need to worry.

We have been making and delivering locally across Europe for years.
So we won't need to ship in or out when Brexit happens,
whatever shape it takes.


cobham PE

It's not long now!

Pizza Express is coming to Cobham Extra Services!

If you find yourself on the M25, and a great pizza is just what you are after,
then it's only a few metres away. They also do an awesome gluten free option
for all the pizza loving coeliacs out there, nom nom nom!

If you live in the area and want to work with a great company, in a fun
environment, they happen to be hiring!

Until it opens you will have to make do appreciating the lovely window
graphics that we provided

(or just keep driving until you get to South Mimms!)


dream bikes

The second charity from last year was Dream Bikes in Rochester NY, USA.

Here is what they had to say about the difference the money you chose to give them will make:

"With the generous donation from Tessell8 and their supporters, Dream Bikes Rochester will be
able to implement new programs at the shop and in the community that we simply did not have
the funding for previously. A portion of the funds will go towards hiring 3 new youth employees
at the shop and providing mechanical as well as sales training for these new hires. We will also
be able to team up with two local elementary schools to provide hands-on work shops and
generate more interest in cycling around our community starting with the youth with the hope
that this interest will carry over in to their adult lives. We also have had great interest in hosting
youth-oriented workshops, but unfortunately, we did not previously have the funding necessary
to bring these to life. This great donation will go a long way in helping us expand our reach and
mission of getting the youth of our community interested in cycling, and getting more people
riding bikes instead of driving."


PS: we cheated a bit and took the photo last summer when we were in the USA
seeing customers and partners.

molly watt

One of the best things about life at Tessell8 is when we get to give money away.

You may remember the Molly Watt Trust from last year.

Usher Syndrome creates a unique set of challenges for those who live with the condition.
The money you chose to give them will really make a massive difference for many people.

A real privilege to get to be able to do this!




Check out the new Pizza Express at Beaconsfield Extra Services!

As you drive in you'll see the new banner and frame supplied by Tessell8.

We can provide the complete package from the creative right through
to the concrete!

Everything in one delivery for a lot less than you might think.

All you need to do is bring the water!

Tessell8... the perfect recipe



Fancy a bit of extra Choice?

Choice to print, or deliver digitally.

Choice of flat digital, or interactive.

Choice to print here, or print there.

Choice to pay in your currency, or their currency.

Choice to exploit exchange rate changes for your benefit.

Choice to run your own store-front or, let us provide it.

Choice to "one stop shop" or, "pick and choose".

Choice to print in bulk or, pay on demand.

And the choice to change any of the above when it suits you!

At Tessell8 our goal is to give you as many options as we can and allow
then to change to fit your changing business.


nom nom nom

If you are near a Baskin Robbins any time soon, check out their
yummy warm desserts!

While you enjoy the juxtaposition of textures, flavours and
temperatures you can appreciate the food photography delivered
by Tessell8.

Professional photography that doesn't break the bank.

nom nom nom


toilet day


Tessell8 is really proud to support Toilet Twinning, one of our partner
charities this year.

This basic amenity that most of us take for granted is something that
many have to live without.

Why not twin your toilet and help provide a hygienic loo for girls like
Monica and her mum Damales? 1 billion women and girls are at risk
of disease and attack because they lack a safe loo.

If you are near St Paul's today why not take part in the BigSquat !



Good to see the security signs, provided by Tessell8, up at Welcome Break Oxford.

If you constantly get 'left field' projects and just need a team that you can rely on no matter what the project, have a chat with us.

No matter what you need, you'll get the same exceptional level of service and speed.


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