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A few days ago we had the immense privilege of visiting the Thames Valley Air Ambulance to hand over their chunk of our giving for last year, unbelievably, funding two operations.

YOU made this happen, if you placed work with us, took a risk, just placed one job or made us your integral partner, YOU made this happen.

On the next two operations, when that helicopter lands, the dust settles, and the crew run to whatever it is they find, YOU did it, YOU changed a persons life TODAY.

Thank you for giving us the immense privilege of being able to do this.



This is one of the best times of the year for us.

It is when our numbers are finally done. We get to have all the fun giving the donations to the charities we supported in the last financial year.

This picture shows just why we love it so much....

A little bit can go a veeeerrrrry long way!!!

Its the reason why 'giving' is right in the middle of our navigation bar.



From small acorns......

One of the foundational pillars of Tessell8 is that we give something back.

From the very first day we committed to give at least 10% of our profit away to change peoples lives.

Last week we received this email to let us know how some of this money is being used to help do just that:

"We have a volunteer who has been working with us for some time and who we have seen grow enormously as he gets his life together after spending much of his life in the criminal justice system."... "he took his driving test, and passed at the second attempt."... "Now he has a job with as a delivery driver for a farm bakery"

"We wanted to do something very relevant for him, so have sponsored him to do an Advanced Driving course, which he is very enthusiastic about. He'll get to know safe driving techniques and also meet a whole range of new people."

Thank you for supporting us, and through that support, changing peoples lives.


scary costs

Again last week, we saw some eye watering costs for some reasonably simple integrated web stores.

In case your wondering API does NOT stand for Atrocious Pricing Index ;-)

Talk to us. You might be shocked to find out how simple, easy and quick these things can be.undefined

8 team

Stuck in a corner?
no one else can help?
YOU could hire THE 8 Team!

A few nuggets from last week for projects running across our European teams.

200 brochures, files in 6pm, order shipped 6am the next day, delivered at 1pm. “OMG!! Really? Ha ha - I know you said you could do it but…. Thanks so much!”

Complete set of training workbooks, files in 10.30am, all items resized, proofed and approved by 1.30pm the same day.

200 full colour brochures and leaflets, files in 10am, shipped at 4pm, in hands 9.30 next day. “Life savers…. as usual ;-)”

300 Colour conference slide packs, files in 12.30pm, shipped at 4pm, in hands 10am next day.

Brochures, leaflets and cards for show, files in 11.30am, shipped at 3pm. “Thanks so much - Lunch is on me”



Constantly fighting for time?

How much time do you spend just copying from one resource to another?

How much of your time could be better spent NOT doing manual order processing and entry?

Just what value could you add with that time (to your business or your family)?

Tessell8 run a wide range of automated integrations so order data is only entered ONCE and manual re-entry errors become a thing of the past!

Talk to us and get that time back!



We just made it a whole lot easier to send and receive files!

Upload files on the move, from your device or desktop. Links will now stay valid for much longer. Access via the app or our web site using the link on the top left of this screen!


bk thanks!

Always nice when the president of a company emails you personally to say thanks for your hard work!

"I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for all of your support"... ...."the video you guys put together for the final, was one of the highlights of the event! And I know it took a big effort from you guys to make it happen on such a short turnaround."

Talk to us about your crazy ideas! 

bk day 2

It’s very early Wednesday morning.

I am genuinely in awe of what we have achieved and I’ve just been a spectator!

We started filming on location at the BK convention yesterday at 3.30pm.
It’s only nine hours later and we’ve delivered a complete video for presentation
at the Whopper Challenge final tomorrow.

This is our Kung Fu!


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