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world domination

Great conversation with a client...

Client: "In a perfect world we really need one central place where we can post our order feed that then routes production and delivery of our physical and digital training anywhere in the world. Its doing my head in having to deal with all these different companies, currencies and tax systems.... do you know anyone that can do that?"

Me: "um.... yes... I do as it happens... that would be us!"



As our business continues to grow, especially across the Atlantic, we felt it was appropriate to add a US based charity into the mix this year.

We are particularly excited to support Dream Bikes.

Dream Bikes is a social enterprise supporting under privileged young people by giving them a job, training new skills and restoring old bikes. These bikes are then sold in the Dream Bikes store so they have an extended life rather than end recycled or worse still, in landfill.

Through this model lives are radically changed and waste is radically reduced.

We are really proud to introduce you to our second charity for this year:



We are proud to introduce the first of our three charities for this financial year.

The Oxford Heart Centre is based at the John Radcliffe Hospital here in Oxford. The work they do changes lives every day. As a team we have had first hand experience of the amazing things they do.

This is our local charity for this year - read all about the amazing changes they make to peoples lives by clicking on 'giving' above.


equip update

Last year we supported a charity called Equip Oxford. Equip works with homeless people giving them jobs and a way to get their lives back on track.

Equip is about to enter a more exciting phase as we seek to expand. We would like to do this by appointing a Development Manager to develop our service and expand the customer base, and part-time shift leaders to undertake the work with the volunteer team members.

Together with our links with referring agencies and employers who are looking for staff, this will enable us to work with a greater number of individuals and improve our success at taking people from being unemployed and dependent on benefits to having work and contributing to the economy.

We have seen how this transition can bring new self-confidence and the opportunity for independence and a better life.

We have demonstrated that Equip can be financially self-sufficient at its present small scale and as an expanded business. However, the period of growth is more challenging to finance. We will need to employ the new manager and incur other costs in advance of generating the increased income.

We will therefore be making grant applications over the coming months with a view to having one year’s costs covered in advance.


Daniel update

I am sure you remember Daniel.

We were able to help provide some of the money needed for a prothetic limb for Daniel, who was born without a hand.


Daniel is now 12 and growing up fast. He spent the past year back in the UK and enjoyed wearing his prosthetic arm at school and cycling to and from school. Now he and his family have moved back to Spain and settled in the city of Valencia. Summer months in hot countries and wearing prosthetic limbs of any kind is a difficult combination as you sweat easily and the added weight is also uncomfortable, so Daniel has had a break from his "special hand" for the past few weeks.

Valencia hosts a weekly clinic for children in Spain with prosthetic limbs which is great as we have previously had to travel long distances before to have check-ups. We are now seeing if we are entitled to receive some help from the local government here to pay for a new fitting for his arm. Daniel is obviously growing fast and every year his prosthetic limb becomes too small and doesn´t fit properly.

So we continue to be grateful for modern technology and we´re looking forward to seeing how this next stage in Daniel´s life here in Valencia develops.

charities 2017

As many of you know, right from the start, we decided to share our profit to 'change peoples lives'.

As we look to begin our 5th year in business, we thought it would be fun to give you all some updates on the charities you have helped support over the last 4 years.



If you are anywhere near Barnsley this bank holiday weekend,
why not pop into the brand new Dunkin Donuts and sample the
delightful coffee and donuts.

(whilst taking a peek at the food photography, digital screens & printed POP provided by Tessell8)!



Another fun project to be involved in.

Here we have designed and created a bespoke cover for Tossed ordering terminals to cover them over night whilst still keeping the branding and ID clear and visible.

The final design is flexible that it can be adjusted across the whole estate.



Genuinely amazed that we sailed our 4th ISO 9001 audit
and equally glad we set the business up with the standard right from the start.

Thanks to all the people and teams that make this possible
every day of every week of the year.


light speed

We love the fact that our customers rely on us to meet crazy deadlines.

On Sunday we had a request to change prices on tariff boards for an entire franchisees' estate.

Artwork completed and files approved for print before noon today. Will be in restaurants by Wednesday.

Tessell8...... light speed!



We might be starting a bit of a series on different perspectives here.....

Want a new approach?

A team that sees things slightly differently?

Who will often do stuff for the sheer fun value?

Have a chat with Tessell8....




"Really appreciate everything you guys have done on this project, it's been so nice to get a different perspective and the results are awesome!"

Looking for a team that see things from a different point of view?

Get in touch and see the difference.




Wasted time, wasted calls, wasted effort....

Do you get frustrated with poor service? So do we, it drives us all around the bend!

We pride ourselves on giving exceptional service. Regardless of the mess that lands on your desk, or the holes that you are put in.

Just so you can come away looking awesome!

If you'd like a fresh idea of what really good service means - get in touch!

RTN 2017

Congrats to the Tessell8/Stepping Stones Team: "Charlie's Angels" for completing Ride The Night last Saturday.

Doing our little bit towards the £1.25M raised over the weekend towards Women's Cancer charities.

Thanks to everyone who sponsored us this year!!!


Eds launch

If you're on the M25 north and that tummy is a rumblin' get on down to Ed's Diner at Welcome Break South Mimms & check out their fantastic new menu.

Their gluten free burger is awesome!! (finally a burger WITH a bun!).

While you are there check out the new window vinyls and posters.

From the creative and digital content through to the final menus, posters,
window vinyls, and in room collateral... all managed and provided by Tessell8.


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