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Good to see the security signs, provided by Tessell8, up at Welcome Break Oxford.

If you constantly get 'left field' projects and just need a team that you can rely on no matter what the project, have a chat with us.

No matter what you need, you'll get the same exceptional level of service and speed.



Great (and humbling) to receive feedback like this.... Service is everything !

"Tessell8 have gone above and beyond with their assistance and it has been a genuine delight
to work with them. They are attentive and detail-oriented, and as a customer it has given me
confidence that they care as much about my order as I do. They have been responsive and
pro-active, and have provided a personable, approachable yet incredibly professional service.
I couldn’t recommend Tessell8 highly enough"



Over the last five years we have grown steadily and now we operate in 6 continents,
through our partner network, engaging thousands of staff across multiple disciplines.

We work with household names and brands delivering our clients promises every day,
from a single screen, through to a complete POP roll out or a truck full of training

........we also make cakes.



Five years ago, as we sat around the kitchen table, we were all lamenting the rubbish
service we had recently experienced.

We decided that we would do everything we possibly could to deliver exceptional service,
no matter what it took.

Our goal?

To work behind the scenes completely invisibly, bringing all the pieces together, seamlessly,
so our customer looks AWESOME!

Have we succeeded? We can always be better but here is a selection of comments from our clients:

"you are... ...just so damn good at what you do!"

"the video you guys put together for the final, was one of the highlights of the event! And I know
it took a big effort from you guys to make it happen on such a short turnaround."

"Perfect – despite all our undecidedness and the tight timeframe!!"

"Thank you very, very much again. We would be lost without your flexibility ;-)"

"Good Friday, I get a call to say a menu screen at our Harry Ramsden isn’t showing the right
content. I reach out to Mark at Tessell8, but he is out celebrating his wedding anniversary.
So what does he do? he drives to Oxford services to sort out the screen and get some wedding
anniversary fish and chips! Now that's customer service, thanks Mark (and Marie)"

"We would, genuinely, be lost without you guys"



Right from the very beginning, we knew we couldn't do this alone.

We chose to work strategically with peers, hand in hand for our mutual
success and growth. A long term investment in time and money so that
we both operate invisibly, behind the scenes, to make our customers
look amazing.

It's a lot more effort up front and requires us to treat these teams as we
would want to be treated but the results are worth everything!

We call them "Partners" rather than "Suppliers".

It is one simple word, but a world of difference.



When we first started Tessell8 we decided that we would
put other people at the very core of what we do.

In essence, if we didn't do this and use it to change the
lives of others, then there really wasn't much point.

Since that very first day, and over the last five years, over
£25,000 has been given to change other peoples lives around
the world.

It is, really, quite a humbling experience.

A very, very big thank you to all our customers who make
this possible ever year.


Dreambikes Rochester NY, 2017-18 Tessell8 Charity

5 years

Five years ago we decided to take the jump and started Tessell8.

Within a few months we became this crazy bunch and its been a roller coaster ride ever since!
Several years ago, our gender ratios became more balanced, but we are all still as unhinged as ever!

It seems a little premature to come up with philosophical one liners so, over the coming weeks,
we will be sharing the principles at the core of what we do.

Thanks to all our customers and partners that, truly, make this the riotous fun that it is!


chans comment

A really amazing and touching, genuine, unsolicited, comment from one of our global customers last week:

“You are such thoughtful people and I am very lucky to get to work with you. Not only are you kind, but you are so smart, funny and just so damn good at what you do.”

Really, really made our week that did!


US trip

An awesome week last week seeing partners and customers in Canada & the USA.

Tessell8 can make product right around the world, so don't make and ship.

Let us manufacture locally and ship around the corner rather than around the world.



usa 2018

We shall be mostly here over the coming week visiting customers
and partners across the pond.

If you deliver anything to the USA, Canada or even South America
we can make locally and deliver locally, saving you time and money.


time machine

Ever get that feeling when the ground opens up under you?

You chase your partner about the delivery of your materials only to find you forgot to order them?

Worry not!

We have the resources ..... we call it the Tessell8 Time Machine!



The power of flexibility, the power of YES

Last week one of our clients had a great opportunity to deliver a significant classroom training deal. In order to fulfil this they needed to deliver two pallets of printed training books super quickly.

Tessell8 produced and shipped in just over 24 hours.

We say YES and deliver, so you can close the deal.

Talk to us about how we can help you grow your business and make you look great in front of your customers.


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