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There’s not a lot of point in having stuff if it can’t be shared around

What is the use of having something if you can’t share it with others? Tessell8 give 10% of our profit away to 3 nominated charities every year. Clients decide how the money is split by voting for their favorite charities every time they place an order.

Here are the details of this years 3 specially chosen charities.

We look for a local charity, national or international charity and a unique charity that works to really change people’s lives. This year we are supporting the Thames Valley Air Ambulance (TVAA) a local charity that does amazing work almost entirely through voluntary donations. We have chosen the Bethesda Project in India that works in some of the most deprived parts of the country with young girls. Finally we have selected the Dean Court Community Centre. Taken on by a local visionary from literally a burned out shell the center makes a massive difference to the local community.

Recently the UN reported that India is the most dangerous country in which to be born a girl. Among many other reasons, this is partly due to the gender imbalance in education. Government of India statistics reveal that 73% of girls who enrol in school drop out before year 10. 45% leave during primary school. The reasons for this can be lack of family finance, need for the girl to work in the home, or arranged child marriage.

Boys are often given preference over girls for education and healthcare. This gender discrimination is particularly pronounced in poorer rural communities.

Girls who complete their education go on to be healthier, are less likely to marry before 18, and have lower rates of infant mortality in their families.

The Bethesda Project works among the tribal people of rural South India to attempt to redress this imbalance. They run an English medium school and home for tribal children, with a special interest in educating and caring for girls. Girls have gone on from their school to become teachers, nurses, engineers and doctors.

This completely transforms the lives and futures of these girls, and the whole community. Their care and education is only possible because of generous donations. Please help us make a difference.

Bethesda project is a small, family-run charity and you can be sure 100% of your donation is used to benefit the children.

Community is, literally, the name of the game at Dean Court Community Association. Tucked away in the Pinnocks Way estate in Oxford, we are committed to bringing locals together. We’ve done a pretty good job in the four years that we’ve been going, but we want to do more. So much more! So far, we’ve opened the doors to our shiny new Community Centre (home to a variety of groups as diverse as Light Saber combat and Yoga), held regular Breakfast cafes and Fun days, and become the go-to place for birthday parties.

Next on our hit list is linking up with the estate playpark that edges onto the back of the Centre. We’d love to spruce up the derelict area around the park and make it a real focal point for local families. And this is where we need your help! We have a willing partner in the form of a local housing association and we have the plans. But what we really need is a few pennies to help us on our way.

We’re talking improved landscaping – new paths connecting the Centre and the park, a community garden (much nicer than concrete), saying goodbye to a few rickety fences and hello to some new gates. And how do bike racks sound? As an Eco-Centre, we’re all for encouraging people to get on two wheels and we’d love to provide somewhere for visitors to secure their trusty steeds.

Join us in our work to help our local community flourish for future generations.

Thames Valley Air Ambulance (TVAA) is one of the UK’s leading air ambulance charities, pushing the boundaries of medical intervention, helicopter aviation and on-scene patient care.

TVAA was the first air ambulance to carry a hospital standard blood analysis machine, shaving off vital time in the ‘golden hour’.

TVAA receives no Government or Lottery funding but is supported by the community and local businesses.

The Tessell8 team have first-hand experience of the TVAA. We witnessed the collapse of a fellow cyclist on a cross country 50 mile ride in September. This brought home to us the lifesaving services it provides.

This is a first-hand account of how TVAA changed one motorcyclists life:

My entire lower right leg had been crushed between the bike. I lost over half of my blood and suffered a small internal bleed in my brain despite my racing approved crash helmet. I also suffered a fracture to my T4 vertebrae in my spine.

A rapid response vehicle was the first of any emergency services to arrive at the scene, followed by paramedics, police, and the crucial air ambulance that flew me to the John Radcliffe Hospital.

There is no doubt in my mind that the air ambulance crew saved my life. They got me to hospital in such time that my leg was able to be saved and repaired. I owe my life, my leg, and my future ability to walk to the work of the air ambulance and they will never be forgotten for this selfless work.